Zero Waste Week 2020

Zero Waste Week 2020 is just around the corner and this year it runs from 7th-11th September. This is the thirteenth Zero Waste Week, my fifth year as a Zero Waste Week Ambassador and my sixth year of taking part.

Every year there is a different theme for the week. So far, previous themes have been:

  • 2015 – Reuse
  • 2016 – Food Waste
  • 2017 – Varied – a different theme for each day
  • 2018 – Plastic Waste
  • 2019 – Climate Change

And the theme for 2020 is… you’ll just have to wait and see! We’ll be revealing the theme at the end of August.

There are ambassadors aplenty to guide you on your journey with tips and advice as well as the wonderful organisers themselves, Rachelle Strauss and Anna Pitt. Ambassadors this year include plant-based chefs, event organisers, environment sector workers, mums, dads, grandparents, writers, designers, bloggers, authors – what a talented bunch they are! You can read more about them here and I’d recommend checking out the links under their bios to find out more about what they do to reduce waste in their own lives and inspire others.

During the week, there will be challenges, discussions and tips shared on blogs and various social media channels. This is the first Zero Waste Week that I’ll be juggling almost full time work and my blog, so I’ll be doing my best to keep up with things before and after work and during my lunch break.

Please check out Zero Waste Week here and sign up to take part. Consider getting your school or workplace to sign up as well. I know things are very different at the moment and we’re all having to get used to new ways of doing things, so I’m sure we can all squeeze in one or two extra changes alongside and reduce our waste in the process!

I’ll be posting on my Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account during the week. You can follow the links to like/follow me or click on the links to the right —>>>


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