Spot About Me

I began this blog in 2011 under the name ‘Musings From A Northern Village’ as a way of exercising my writing skills and sharing my thoughts on life with the world. The blog has gradually evolved into a collection of writing on all the subjects I’m most passionate about, which are:

  • Parenting and family life.
  • The environment and our zero waste journey; firstly to reduce the amount of plastic that we buy and consume, and secondly to reduce our waste in general.
  • Village life, the surrounding Teesdale countryside, the seasons, festivals and, because I’m British, the weather.
  • Children’s literature, poetry and other creative writing.
  • Child literacy and education.
  • Our home and garden.

I work as a teaching assistant and freelance writer and live in happy chaos in the beautiful north of England with my husband and three children.

All the images on the site are my own. I’m PR friendly and happy to be contacted via aspotofearth at hotmail dot com to discuss advertising, reviews and freelance writing opportunities.