My Inspirational Lunch

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately. The main reason for this is that I have a Teaching Assistant job at a local school until the end of this school year. This was meant to be mornings, which would allow me to catch up on housework and work on my blog and fiction writing in the afternoons. In reality, however, I’ve been working quite a few full-time weeks, which has been good for my finances, but not so good for the housework, blog and writing. Something has to slide and the blog took one for the team.

The other thing that has suffered is our zero waste efforts. I’m not used to regular full-time work, so I’ve been too tired to bake our own bread during the week and not had the time to carry out my usual shopping routine. I’ve been buying pre-packaged bread and had to resort to some quick and easy teas, which used more packaging than I’d like. I’ve made my peace with this. I did what I needed to whilst I adjusted to a new routine and recycled everything I could.

On Friday I had an impromptu lunch with an old school friend. She’s also on a zero waste journey with her family. We met up in town and visited the new zero waste deli (which she uses frequently and I still need to write a review of!). She showed me where she buys her coffee packaging free. We had a gorgeous lunch and she told me all the things her and her family have been doing on their journey. We discussed our shopping routines, our household cleaning, her vegan diet, buying second-hand or new ethical clothing, our children’s attitudes to zero waste, our camping trips and giving environmental assemblies in schools.

It was such an inspirational couple of hours. I felt reinvigorated to get back on my zero waste wagon. My friend works as a supply teacher and is currently on a long term supply placement. Hearing how she fits in baking her own bread, the housework, family time and involves the family in her efforts made me feel like I could definitely up my game just that little bit more.

The zero waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be perfect and it definitely isn’t a competition to see who has least rubbish in a glass jar. That just isn’t achievable for most people. I’ve always had the attitude that when you start a zero waste journey you shouldn’t try to change everything at once because this can be overwhelming. You should change one thing at a time, wait until that comes easily and is part of your routine before moving on to the next thing.

I think over the last few months I have plateaued and become complacent. The changes we have made over the last four years have long been part of our routine and I’d stopped striving for the next change. Whilst it’s important to remember how far we’ve come since we started our journey, it’s also important to keeping moving forwards. Speaking to my friend has re-inspired me. I’ve had a rest-stop and now it’s time to continue on the journey. Thank you, you know who you are.

inspiration, zero waste journey

Where do you find your inspiration to continue on your journey, wherever it is you’re trying to get to?



  1. I’m struggling in my efforts due to health problems and worrying about not doing enough. This article was the smile of encouragement I needed. Thank you πŸ™‚

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  2. I, too, felt like along my journey there were times of complacency, and then, by some means, I’d get a jumpstart, just as you did. A great motivator!

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