Zero Waste Week Day 4 – Top Tips Thursday

It’s Day 4 of Zero Waste Week and time for Top Tips Thursday. I thought I’d start with linking to this blog post, Top 10 Easy Changes To Reduce Your Waste and the follow-on post Top 10 Next Steps to Reduce Your Waste.

My absolute top 5 best tips for embarking on a zero waste journey are:

  1. Go easy on yourself. Take it slowly, one change at a time. Don’t beat yourself up over so-called ‘fails’. You’re already doing more than so, so many people, just by wanting to change.
  2. Preparation is key. Food planning, shopping routines, packing for days out or holidays. It’s all in the preparation, but again, don’t worry about the occasional blip. It’s good to be impulsive too!
  3. Talk to people. Get into conversations at the till, in shops, with neighbours, family and friends. Sow the seed and grow the revolution, man!
  4. Remember the 5 R’s: Refuse (what you do not need), Reuse (what you have), Reduce (what you consume), Recycle (what you can) and Rot.
  5. Enjoy life! Life is for enjoying and living.





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