The Zero Waster’s Travel Companion Is Here!


Back in spring an idea was floating about the Zero Waste Bloggers Network about putting together a travel guide. Volunteers were called for. I volunteered, as did many others. Six months later, the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion is here and available to buy. That’s the short story. Here’s the longer version…

The idea behind the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion is to save the zero waste traveller a whole lot of time and hassle. Imagine you like to live as waste-free as possible. In your home area you have already sussed out the best bulk shops, where you can refill your soap dispensers and which stores allow you to take your own containers. Now imagine you need to travel somewhere with work or to visit family and friends. Do you decide to forego your waste-free principles whilst travelling? Do you take your own containers and coffee cups and spend your valuable time hunting down the best zero waste places? Or, do you buy and download the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion, in which you will find that the work has already been done for you?

I hope you chose the last option, because I know I would. With 32 cities or areas in the first edition and hopefully more in future editions, the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion makes waste-free travel a doddle. Need to know the best bulk stores for stocking up the cupboards in your AirBnB apartment in Paris? It’s in there. Desperate to know the restaurants that will happily fill your containers in Montreal? It’s in there. Want to know what to do with your compostable waste in London? It’s in there. No more trial and error, just one handy travel guide.

Inge, founder and CEO of the ZWBN, is a force to be reckoned with. Whilst simultaneously selling half of her possessions, parenting two children, travelling around America and running the ZWBN, she has pulled together, published, launched and publicised the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion. Members of the ZWBN helped along the way, particularly during the editing process. In addition, Inge acknowledges her husband’s support on the first page of the book. However, for the most part it has been a one-woman tour de force. Hats off to Inge!

So, if you’re planning on travelling and would like to know the best waste-free options at your destination, do check out the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion.


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