I’m A Zero Waste Week Ambassador!

With Plastic Free July over, my thoughts have already turned to Zero Waste Week, which runs from the 5th to the 9th of September in the UK. I’m delighted to be a Zero Waste Week Ambassador this year. I’ll be posting throughout the week with ideas of how to get involved, how we’re getting on in our house and sharing what we learnt at the end of the week. I’m hoping to be raising a whole heap of awareness on environmental issues, as well as Zero Waste Week itself.

Make A Pledge

The theme for Zero Waste Week 2016 is food waste, with the motto ‘Use It Up’. We’ve pledged to reduce our food waste for the week. We’re also hoping to concentrate on reducing our energy usage over the week. Instead we’ll be enjoying family time playing games and spending time outside. If you’d like to make a pledge for Zero Waste Week, you can do so here. When you sign up you’ll receive a free eBook, which includes oodles of tips on reducing your waste and saving hundreds of pounds into the bargain. On the website there is also lots of information on how to get involved as a household, business, community group, school or local authority.

Who else is an ambassador?

You can find a full list of all the Zero Waste Week Ambassadors here.

Westy Writes

Zoe Morrison

Vicky Myers

Trudi Holden

Toby Nicholson

Tara Button

Salman Zafar

Stephanie Sparling Williams

Nicola Roylance

Michael Rada

Meg Roper

Lindsay Miles

Kate Armstrong

Joanna McCaffrey

Jo Wright

Karen Cannard

Gina Caro

Jen Gale

Jenni Hill

Claire Carter

Anna Pitt

Brenda Cuby

Christine Liu

I hope you find their blogs as inspiring and interesting to read as I do. Personally I love reading about other people’s zero waste and plastic free journeys. I’m particularly fascinated by:

  • The reasons people feel inspired to start living in a different way.
  • The changes that they make and the order they make them in.
  • The challenges they face and how they overcome them.
  • Their lifestyle compared to mine (children/no children, pets/no pets, city/rural living, diet, travel).

The Zero Waste Bloggers Network has recently added its 200th member, which I think goes to show that this is a topic people are really serious about. People want to make a difference and feel a desperate need to share their experiences and spread awareness via a blog or other platform. It’s great to see so many people on the same journey. It makes me feel like I’m part of a great big team or family all moving towards the same destination, rather than a lone traveller.

I’m very proud to be a Zero Waste Week Ambassador and I’ll do my best to represent the week in a way that does it justice.



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