Luxury Rice Pudding

My mum always used to make rice pudding on the hob, thereby avoiding the skin on top (my husband complains that this is the best bit), and this is how I like to make it too. I usually keep it very basic; simply milk, sugar and pudding rice brought to the boil and then simmered gently on the hob in a heavy-based saucepan with an occasional stir until the rice is cooked. I don’t even have exact quantities, because I guess the amounts of rice and sugar and simply add more milk as I need it during cooking.

Sometimes, however, I like to make rice pudding along the lines of a Nigella Lawson rice pudding recipe I’d once read, which is made like a sweet risotto. I started off with a bit of butter warming in the pan, then added the pudding rice and sugar and gently fried it until the rice started to caramelise. Before it had a chance to burn, I added some whole milk, brought it to the boil and then turned it down to a simmer. I left it a little at first, but near the end I stirred it constantly to stop it catching on the bottom. Then, if you have any, you can stir in some cream near the end for a real touch of luxury.

With the butter and cream this is a luxury version of rice pudding, best reserved for special occasions and kept to a small portion. For most of the time and to enable larger portions without guilt, semi-skimmed milk, sugar and pudding rice will do just as well. You can add a spoonful of jam, chocolate spread or grated chocolate for extra indulgence, but I quite like mine as it is from the pan.

rice pudding

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