You Can Make A Difference

autumnlightI think one of the biggest objections that zero wasters hear to their goals and way of life is ‘One person can’t make a difference, so what’s the point?’ Well, I’m going to try to show you today that one person can make a difference.

Firstly, I understand that point of view. If you compare your individual waste to that of even a small business, your impact on the environment is obviously less than theirs. So converting that point of view to the positive impact an individual can have on the environment, you would naturally assume that an individual who produces zero waste would be just as comparably insignificant alongside the difference a big business could make by producing less waste. However, I still believe that individuals can make a difference.

Never underestimate the importance of raising awareness. I’ve said this before and I’m not worried about repeating myself. For every person that you talk to about your concern for the environment, for every shopkeeper that you request zero packaging from, for every friend or family member who you present with a zero waste gift – they are all seeds sown in people’s minds. A tiny seed of – Where does my landfill go? A tiny seed of – Do I really need that disposable napkin?

By sharing your views, well-researched environmental articles and reputable news stories on social media, you – an individual – can inspire others to be more involved in saving the planet too. That counts for an awful lot. Most people aren’t aware of how much oxygen a tree provides and how many are chopped down every day. Many people haven’t heard of charities such as the Woodland Trust, who do a huge amount of work in establishing sustainable woodland, or understand the aims of the Forestry Commission. You can change that on your own, simply by sharing information, whether it is about plastic in the seas, air pollution, sustainable woodland or the over-consumption of plastic. Show that you care and other people will start to care too. Once people care about something, they do something about it and the more people do it, the more it becomes the norm.

If you’re more of a doing person, be proactive. You could add your name to some of


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