Zero Waste Week 2015: 7th-13th September – Reuse

It’s nearly time for Zero Waste Week again, which is running from the 7th-13th September this year. The theme this year is ‘Reuse’, focusing on saving money by reusing, rather than simply buying new every time. With this in mind, we’ll be making two pledges this year:

  • As far as possible we are going to avoid buying and consuming any plastic for the whole of Zero Waste Week. This may prove to be very difficult, so I’m not promising miracles, but we’ll give it a good go.
  • We’ll be trying to reuse where we can in line with this year’s theme.

If you’d like to get involved with Zero Waste Week or you’d like to get your school, workplace or community project involved, there are loads of ideas on the Zero Waste Week website. You can make any pledge you like, from remembering your reusable shopping bags all week to upping your recycling efforts. The more that people join in, the more of a difference we can make. And the more we start making a difference, the more governments and big businesses will start to take notice and see that people really care about environmental issues. The more they realise that people actually care, the more it will become part of their agendas and the combination of people power backed by governments and big business could be all we need to save the planet.
Click here for National Zero Waste week 2015


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